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The Battle of Algiers The Battle of Algiers
La battaglia di Algeri

The Battle of Algiers, 1966

1966 / Italy / Algeria
8.1 Rate
10 votes IMDb Rating: 8.1
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Tracing the struggle of the Algerian Front de Liberation Nationale to gain freedom from French colonial rule as seen through the eyes of Ali from his start as a petty thief to his rise to prominence in the organisation and capture by the French in 1957. The film traces the rebels' struggle and the increasingly extreme measures taken by the French government to quell the revolt.
8.1 Rate
10 votes IMDb Rating: 8.1
Runtime 2 hours 1 minute
Production year 1966
Budget $800,000
Cast and Crew
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Film rating
Rate 10 votes
8.1 IMDb
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