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Bastards Bastards
Father Figures / Bastards

Bastards, 2016

2016 / USA
6.6 Rate
13 votes IMDb Rating: 5.5
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Upon learning that their mother has been lying to them for years about their allegedly deceased father, two fraternal twin brothers hit the road in order to find him.
6.6 Rate
13 votes IMDb Rating: 5.5
Runtime 1 hour 53 minutes
Production year 2016
Premiere in Belarus January 11, 2018
Online premiere December 23, 2017
World premiere December 21, 2017
Budget $25,000,000
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Film rating
Rate 13 votes
5.5 IMDb
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7272957 January 13, 2018, 23:02
Мы сразу поняли, что Марина Маркушина Полная тупица, а Русланчик нормальный парень.Фильм очень трогательный и забавный.
Марина Маркушина January 4, 2018, 14:17
Редкостная гадость. Тупой американский юмор . Пошлость и пахабщина. Жалею потраченное время.
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