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Nine Nine

Nine, 2009

2009 / USA
6.7 Rate
10 votes IMDb Rating: 5.8
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Famous film director Guido Contini struggles to find harmony in his professional and personal lives, as he engages in dramatic relationships with his wife, his mistress, his muse, his agent, and his mother.
6.7 Rate
10 votes IMDb Rating: 5.8
Runtime 1 hour 58 minutes
Production year 2009
Premiere in Belarus March 3, 2011
World premiere December 3, 2009
Budget $80,000,000
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Film rating
Rate 10 votes
5.8 IMDb
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Дэленн April 2, 2015, 12:51
Как хочется увидеть новый фильм с Кейт Хадсон! Да еще и Николь Кидман, Софи Лорен, Джуди Денч и Марион Котийяр! Даже и не припомню, когда же в одной… Read more…
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